Media Solutions

Jana Honegger and Kent Clelland offer their services, creativity and know-how to clients, specialized in custom projects.

Unique proprietary video and audio synthesizers allow for custom solutions only available at line_code. Custom software development is also available.

Facilities include fully fitted digital visual and sound editing suites and a spacious workshop for on-site development and testing. Online media can be supported on-site as well as externally.

Each project requires unique solutions and extensions to the available resources. For these external partners are used as mentioned in the respective project documentations.


Recently completed projects include the St. Katharinental convent TonSPUR, an online accessible audio tour developed by Reto Friedmann, for the cultural heritage council of canton Thurgau and the clinic St. Katharinental.
The audio visual online medium takes the visitor on a virtual guided tour of the history and ecclesiastic artifacts of the historical convent.

BSB Clientis Bank Schaffhausen wanted to realise their project Munot Glöggli Bänkli. The city of Schaffhausen placed custom made benches in and around the historical town centre, each subcontracted by local trade or an organisation. The Clientis bench featured a miniature bell tower of the original tower bell of the city.
They wished for their bench to be equipped with sensors to trigger sound and light, in three different approach variants.
Passers by would see the bench light up, hear different renditions of the local folk song “Munot Glöggli” and the sound recording of the actual original bell (Glöggli).