W3rkH0f music presents:

The computer music instruments we all know and love…
played by the inventor during their development:


LapCore 132

Electronic feel-good music from the first decade of the new millenium, composed and produced in Berlin by Kent. LapCore 132 is a tour-de-force of self made computer music software being exercised and pushed to the limits by it’s creator and coder. Ranging from the spacey ambient soundscapes of ‘Dot.zip’ and ‘Denkpause’ to the hard driving techno of ‘Devine Secret’ or the breakbeat electro sounds of ‘Epydermal,’ LapCore 132 explores multiple electronic genres and techniques whilst never dropping a beat for 50 minutes of 132 BPM: That’s a total of 6,613 beats.

At the end of the 1990’s Kent Clelland moved to Berlin (from Los Angeles) to become one of the original coders of Native Instruments’ Reaktor realtime synthesis environment. Additionally he designed and implemented the Spektral Delay and Vokator for NI. All three of these game-changing audio applications play a fundamental role in the composition of all tracks on LapCore 132. On this unique album you get to hear the instruments played by their inventor during their development. Don’t miss out: LapCore 132, available online starting March 24th.