Raiders of the lost ark

At Silver Lake, Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, there is the little bakery cafe tropical. Although the Cuban sandwiches there should be legendary, that was not the reason we had to stop by there. It was for a little trip down memory lane.

This bakery has a history. Once upon a time, not so long ago in the early 90’s maybe, rumour has it the owners were busted for selling cocain as well as their delicious bakery goods. The story goes, they were offered a deal to keep their bakery running, if they made their back room available to be used for community projects.

And so it was that the raiders of the lost ark, the experimental band of Kent Clelland, Matt Cohen, Adam Lane, Ryan Francesconi and Oh Kay Hee, could use it for their weekly rehearsals. And as an added bonus the sumptuous guava cheesecakes were often raffled off to help raise funds at their concerts.

How nice to see they are still selling them and that the back room is still being used for community projects: – the walls are now covered in useful self help instructions for a sex addicts support group.