finally, the promo shot

We are very busy assembling our prototypes for our upcoming concerts, one in September and one in October. Finally, we managed to produce our promo shot – “all about the bees”.

The 3 new works we are developing are composed of various field recordings and photographs, – the long awaited 150 year old smithy (Treibenreif) , – the Zäuerle und Chläuse in Urnäsch (Bismaerckli) and of course the honey bees (apidae).

Kent has made many improvements to the Hurricane and we added many new features to the code, like individually selectable MIDI input channels for example, which gives jana° much more power over which images are to be displayed. And by the 14th September we shall present these three works among others, in a one hour concert and video animations at the HeK. As always, all sound and visuals performed live. More details to be announced as soon as they are advertised.