Laundry day for computer archaeologists

So yesterday we embarked on a very special laundry day. It turns out, cleaning vintage circuit boards is best done in the dish washer, who would have thought! – But lets explain:  – Last Friday we were invited to our almost 80 year old neighbors house, who had been hinting he might have a few technological devices that we might like to see..

The conversation got started with our search for a Friden EC 132 calculator, but it was soon established that Fritz had a few more machines up in his attic storeroom, literally in the grain store of his 600 year old farm house. It turns out, he was an avid collector of computer technology, especially interested in storage technology, but pretty much anything. His collection ranges from a punch card generator to magnetic tumblers to tape.. you name it, he’s got an example! – Jana° decided this needed to be shown to the world and is now preparing an exhibition, themed around these old high end business devices, ranging from around 1960 to 1980. We will keep you informed.

But first, all that grain dust has to be cleaned off, so we have much laundry to do! Its a good thing we have two dishwashers!