The DaDa World Fair ist part sponsored by Calarts, and Kent Clelland gets a nod from his alma mater who co-sponsored the events:

San Francisco Celebrates the Centennial of Dadaism with a World Fair

Through Nov. 13, the city of San Francisco presents the Dada World Fair, celebrating 100 years of the artistic and literary movement Dadaism. Art installations, performances, film screenings, lectures and panels explore the multiple dimensions of an art movement that defied description in its day and that left an indelible influence on the world of art, pop culture and beyond.

Tonight (Nov. 4) at 7 pm, W3rkH0f media arts (aka line_code ) —a collaboration between Kent Clelland (Music MFA 96) and Jana Honegger—performs two works as part of a Cabaret Voltaire style opening ceremony for the event DaDA Re:Public, with media culture space Dock18 Zurich and several San Francisco artists. W3rkH0f media arts performs its Randensonata and premieres Terms&Conditions at Swissnex in the Embarcadero. The media group also contributes its DaDA Karaoke Machine at the corresponding exhibition in the same location.

Closing the ceremony at 8 pm on Nov. 13 is Dada Divas, an interdisciplinary performance and research project based on the creative works, ideas and lives of important female artists who were among the originators of the Dada movement—including Emmy Hennings, Mina Loy, Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven and Hannah Höch.


A project instigated by Peter Maravelis from the iconic beatnik book sellers and publishers City Lights, San Francisco.  Thank you Peter “Marvelous”!