Advancement Prize 2018 for line_code

We are very proud to announce that this years advancement prize of the cultural department canton Schaffhausen has been awarded to to line_code, for our upcoming ambi-media surround sound and vision performance “Open Homeland”.

We are currently very busy finalising the software to create a truly unique sound and vision experience, both acoustically and visually. All synthesizers are hand coded by Kent, all sampled sound is self recorded on site and all visuals are photographed or filmed by jana°, using local themes (150yr old blacksmiths workshop machinery, wild and domestic bees and Swiss folklore tradition celebrating the New Year in the town of Urnäsch).
These will be performed, i.e. synthesized LIVE on stage to create this hommage to our current homeland Switzerland. First bookings of the final 3 works of this technological psychedelic tryptich will be available by autumn.


Schaffhauser News report about the prestigious event at the Haberhaus Theatre:


Klettgauer Bote