A Decade to Download

A happy message from the Japanese art collective IDPW:

The release of the book “A DECADE TO DOWNLOAD – The Internet Yami-Ichi 2012-2021,” has finally arrived. We want to thank you again and inform you a few things.

With your great help and the participation of more than 200 vendors (–>see our Internet Yami-Ichi in 2017, Basel) a thick, heavy, gorgeous 800-pages book was physically downloaded! Thank you very much for your cooperation!

As one of the organisers, jana° will be gifted a limited edition copy that will be available for browsing at the W3rkH0f shortly. [yaaY!!!]

Here the PDF to view or download (which will take ½ a decade to open.. ⌛️)

Now three editions of the book are available online:


1. Limited Edition

2. Standard Paperback Edition


3. Free Digital Edition (PDF)


IDPW Collective Japan
First ever Swiss Internet Yami-Ichi, April 2017