4 Takt Walzer

Blown away by tubas, euphoniums and the occasional cornet…

On 18th of March, 2017,
World Premiere of the “Neunkirch Vier-Takt-Walzer”
by Kenneth Paul Clelland

In 2015 Kent was inspired by Jana’s position of cultural prominence in local politics and wrote a piece of music to celebrate her. The idea was to compose a work *for* the local brass band to play so that when they are performing at the local political events Jana could be further edified musically. Although she never got to hear the composition in her official capacity as a Gemeinderätin, the world premiere is taking place this coming Saturday.
If you’re in Neunkirch and you are curious as to what experimental band music played by amateurs might sound like, then come and have a listen!

Jahreskonzert, mit Fahnenweihe
Samstag, 18. März, Städtlihalle Neunkirch
Fahnengötti und Gastmusik ist die Musikgesellschaft Möriken-Wildegg
Saalöffnung und Festbetrieb um 18.00 Uhr
Konzert um 19.00 Uhr